Sep 16 2009

About 3d Accident Reconstruction

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3d Accident Reconstruction is a bespoke 3d animation service for legal and insurance cases, usually intended for courtroom presentations.

Reparation cases such as road traffic accidents (RTA) can be complex, open to interpretation and difficult for legal representation to communicate with precision. A legal dispute ensures time-consuming and therefore costly proceedings as the case slowly unfolds.

3d Accident Reconstruction cuts to the chase, illustrating your client’s point of view clearly and effectively. An accident scene can be re-enacted from any camera angle giving you an unlimited number of possible vantage points.

For criminal proceedings and reparation cases alike, a realistic animated 3d representation of the accident scene greatly assists in building a convincing case for your client. Not only can it help to sway the case in your favour, but it can also help to bring about a settlement, thereby avoiding court action.

The 3d accident reconstruction is delivered on dvd allowing for easy courtroom playback on standard equipment. Using a remote control you have the flexibility to pause, skip, rewind or go to the next chapter.

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